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To Becoming a Kiwi


New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth and is also known for its strong economy, excellent employment opportunities and high standard of living. People who live in New Zealand (sometimes referred to as “Kiwis”) are famous for showing newcomers warm hospitality (called “Manaakitanga” in the Maori language) which makes them feel welcomed, whether they just visit or immigrate to New Zealand. Not only is New Zealand one of the world’s safest countries to live in, it also offers its residents a relaxed, laidback lifestyle that many find attractive. These factors, among many others, are what motivate thousands of people to move to New Zealand every year in pursuit of a better quality of life in this South Pacific island paradise.

If you would also like to live and work in New Zealand, we can provide you with a job search assessment of your suitability for the New Zealand job market environment, based on a careful evaluation of your CV/resume and other relevant details. Your Assessment Results will let you know if there is a demand for your occupation and skills in the current New Zealand job market and whether you have potential to find employment in New Zealand as a skilled foreign worker.

An important part of the process to live and work in New Zealand involves properly preparing your CV/resume and cover letter for the New Zealand job market; searching for employment in an effective fashion; submitting applications for suitable job openings; having successful interviews with potential employers; and securing qualifying skilled employment. In order to help you maximize your New Zealand job search potential, we are pleased to be working with QLNZ, a successful employment and coaching firm located in New Zealand, to offer you personalized job search assistance. Once you receive a genuine offer of qualifying skilled employment in New Zealand, you will be in a stronger position to apply for the relevant visa to live and work in New Zealand! 


Are you eligible?


New Zealand Visa Expert and its team of experienced professionals help to simplify the process of seeking New Zealand employment for our clients who want to live and work in New Zealand. Our services include:

Employment Evaluation

The first step is to receive an expert assessment of your suitability for the New Zealand job market to find out if there is a current demand for your occupation and skills in New Zealand.

Job Search Assistance

For clients evaluated with potential to find employment in New Zealand, we offer personalized job search assistance to facilitate effectively seeking New Zealand employment.

Necessary Information

We provide you with the necessary information about living and working in New Zealand in order to simplify the procedure for you and your family.