Work Visa

About the Work Visa

New Zealand has temporary work visas that may provide a path toward permanent residency for eligible skilled foreign workers with a genuine desire to work in New Zealand and who meet all of the eligibility criteria.

In order to qualify for a temporary work visa to New Zealand, you will need to obtain a qualifying New Zealand job offer from an accredited employer or have an occupation that is in high demand in New Zealand, plus meet all of the mandatory requirements for the relevant work visa (such as proof of identity, age, education, health, character, English language skills, etc.).

After you live and work in New Zealand for a certain amount of time with the temporary work visa and meet other criteria, you might (depending on the particular work visa and other factors) be able to apply for the long-term New Zealand Residence Visa.


To qualify for this New Zealand immigration program, a skilled foreign worker must meet these and other requirements:

  • Be 18-55 years-old (You must be 55 or under to apply.)
  • Have good health (A medical exam may be required.)
  • Possess good character (A police certificate may be required.)
  • Have adequate English language abilities (A language evaluation exam may be required.)
  • Meet criteria for the work visa category you are applying under (based on your occupation and other factors)
  • Possess a passport which will be valid at least three months after the work visa expiration date 
  • Have a genuine letter of employment from a New Zealand employer to start the process
  • Possess a sincere desire to work in New Zealand
  • Pay the governmental fees
  • Meet any additional criteria 

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